Ferkar Mill Types

Ferkar mill is produced in four size types each available in stainless steel or painted carbon steel version. Main electric motor power ranges from 3.5kW to 36kW. The capacity depends upon input material and desired output granulation.

For more information about your specific input/output material please contact us.

Ferkar Mill dimensions
Ferkar 5 1200 1500 350 950
Ferkar 7 1200 1600 350 950
Ferkar 18 1350 1800 510 1150
Ferkar 31 1350 1900 470 1250

All dimensions are in mm. Heighth dimensions (B,C) can be fit to customer's needs.
Specifications are subject to change wihtout obligation or notice.

Input & Output of material

The versatile Ferkar mill comes with variable speed regulated feeder sized in accordance with customer's input material.

Ferkar Mill Type 18 in Stainless Steel

Ferkar mill type 18 with included feeder.

The milled product can be transported away with a conveyor, screw conveyor, elevator or a pneumatic transport.

If specified Ferkar 5 and Ferkar 7 can even be used to directly fill bags with the finished product.

5 Year Warranty

Ferkar machines have a five year limited warranty from which elements subjected to wear are excluded.

Some of our machines are still running in everyday use now for 40 years and more.